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J. Haugland
Owner and affiliate marketer

Starteraffiliate.com is run by me, and my name is J. Haugland. I am a Norwegian 50-something years old man.

I have been an internet user since 1995 and a user of Bulletin Boards before that. During my professional career I have worked for both smaller and larger companies, mainly within administrative positions and recruiting, and for some time around the turn of the century, I was a part of a team that defined the online presence for the largest Scandinavian temp agency. We had a lot of fun breaking new grounds.

These days I am, among other things, exploring a long time passion of mine; blogging, WordPress, and online money making. I have previously set up several websites of my own, ever since the day I memorized all available HTML-codes (in the beginning there were not that many), and hand-coded everything in a text editor.
Nowadays it’s a blast, with WordPress and pre-defined themes, but still, some understanding of HTML, PHP, and CSS comes in handy, even though it’s hardly ever needed.

For the past 14 years, I have also run a small part-time web-design company, helping smaller local businesses setting up a website.

But even though some of my previous and current websites were intended for money-making purposes and some even achieved some success, I never actually got a hang of the total picture until I joined the Wealthy Affiliate community. And I quickly found out that even though I have been doing this for years, I still have a million things to learn.

Starteraffiliate.com was the first website that I set up within Wealthy Affiliate. It started out as a blog but has evolved into a base for the other online efforts that I do.

Together with me, I have a small and trusted team of quality freelance designers, content writers and researchers that I can use whenever my time is not enough for all the things that I want to do.

I will be happy to help you get your own online business started. Just get in touch or sign up with Wealthy Affiliate, and I will help you inside the community.

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