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By following the training we give you access to you will start your online career the same way we did.

Wealthy Affiliate is a tremendous training platform, a network of knowledge, and the basis for many successful online entrepreneurs.

What we are doing here on Starter Affiliate is to invite you into a community of knowledgeable and like-minded people. This is the same community that we joined back when we decided to make the most out of our own online career.

You will be taught all the things that we were taught, the things that helped us create this website and other money making websites.

We are not trying to sell you an expensive turn-key website that may or may not will make you money. We are not even going to charge you any money for access to the training.

By signing up for an FREE membership with Wealthy Affiliate you will get access to the first level of the training classes within the community. You will meet the helpful people of the community and you will then get the choice whether you want to sign up for the paid Premium membership or not.

If you do sign up for Premium, a commission will be paid to us here at Starter Affiliate, at no extra cost for you. This is how affiliate marketing works and is one of the many skills you will learn within Wealthy Affiliate.

You will learn how to build websites based on the things that already interest you and you will learn how to get traffic to your websites and how to monetize them so your financial dreams may come true.

And if you choose to sign up for the Premium membership, we will be there as your personal coach, to guide you along your path towards success.

We will not trick you into believing that it will be easy to achieve success. It will require patience, willingness to learn and a good amount of dedication to succeed.

If you want your
own online business
We will help you to turn it into reality

Our Other Services

We can also help you with other things in connection with your online efforts.

We recommend that you join Wealthy Affiliate to be able to master the skills yourself, but if you want, we can help you directly with anything related to your online career. Our fees are reasonable. Contact us if you want a quote,

Website design

We can assist you in building your website. But nowadays this is a skill that you can easily manage yourself. So instead of hiring us, we recommend that you join Wealthy Affiliate where you will be taught both the basic and advanced skills that you need to build and manage your own money making website.

Logo design

We can help you create a brandable logo for your website. Based on your preferences of color, fonts, image use and the overall impression and statement you want to make we can create a logo that gives you the visual impact you need for your website. We work on a no cure no pay basis, and if you are not happy with our suggestions, you will not pay for our work. Logos will be delivered in jpg and png format intended for web-only use.

Social media strategy

This is an important factor when it comes to how successful your online business will be. We can help you to plan a powerful strategy, but if you join Wealthy Affiliate, a social media strategy is among the things you will be taught there. And it is always best to master the skills for yourself

Content production

You should write your own content. That is the only way you can ensure your own style and voice on your blog. But sometimes there is not enough time. Or your writing skills are poor. Or you don’t know enough about the topic. We are connected to a number of high-quality freelance writers who can assist you in producing unique content for your blog. Fees are per word, and the text is checked for spelling and uniqueness, so no risk of duplicate content or copyright issues. Contact us for more information.